Volunteer Awards 2016

The nomination process is now open for the 2016 awards.  This year we have increased the number of categories from 3 to 7.  They are:

In addition to the above, certificates of recognition will be awarded to both GROUPS and INDIVIDUALS by request.  You can request these certificates by completing the Certificate Request Form.  See the guide below for more info.

Enquiries can be emailed to awards@lancastercvs.org.uk.

This year’s event will take place at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre on Thursday 12th May 2016.  It will be a ticketed event and full information on how to book places will appear on this website in due course, along with emails to our contacts.

Nomination Guide

Over 15,000 volunteers help their communities and each other regularly in Lancaster District, in all sorts of remarkable ways. And for over ten years the Lancaster District Volunteer Achievement  Awards have been shining the spotlight on these incredible people.

The Volunteer Achievement Awards 2016 are an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication shown by volunteers over the last 12 months.  Volunteers are vital to our communities and without them services simply wouldn’t run.

This guide will help you through the nomination process, help you book places at the event, and otherwise ensure that you know everything that you need to know about the awards for 2016.

  1. Nominating an individual for one of the 7 awards


Download the appropriate form from our website: www.lancastercvs.org.uk.


Complete the form.


Email the completed form to awards@lancastercvs.org.uk.

It really is that simple.  There is some guidance below for each category.

  • Volunteer of the Year
    • Should be aged 25 or over
    • Should be someone who you feel has really excelled in their volunteering during the year.
    • May have been volunteering for many years, or even just for a few months during the last 12 months.
    • You should be able to demonstrate that in the last 12 months they have done something that makes them stand out. This could be overcoming a particular challenge or obstacle, it could be that they go above and beyond in order to deliver for your service, it could even be that they make the working environment all the better just for being in it.
  • Young Volunteer of the Year
    • Should be aged between 14 and 24 years.
  • Trustee of the Year
    • Someone who has given their time over and above the basic requirementsSomeone who has been a fundamental catalyst for positive change to your charity
    • Someone who is visible and approachable for the team
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Should have dedicated years of their life to a cause or causes.
    • Need not be ‘formal’ volunteering – i.e. someone volunteering a day a week in a charity shop or other organisation; it could just as easily be informal, such as offering their own time to help in any way they can.
    • You should be able to demonstrate a lifelong commitment to volunteering and helping others.
  • Volunteer Sports Coach of the Year

This is the only award that is specific to volunteering in a sporting environment.  As such, certain criteria must be met.  Sports coaches can be paid, but this award is for VOLUNTEER coaches.  That does not mean that a paid coach can’t be nominated – you just have to demonstrate that they also give time free of charge.  As you will see on the form, evidence needs to be given of the personal development and learning of the nominee.  Please be sure to complete as much information asked for on the form as possible.

  • Fundraiser of the Year

Fundraising takes many forms.  Many organisations have a paid staff member who will submit bids to funders and trusts, but this award is aimed at volunteer fundraisers who dedicate their time and energies to raising money for worthy local, national, or international causes.  Nominees should be people who, during the last 12 months, have put every effort into raising money – either the volunteer who turns out in the supermarket car park on a rainy weekend to encourage people to donate their spare change, or the adventurer who raises thousands by trekking across Costa Rica.  They may have set up a fundraising page to help a local community activity, or even something more personal, such as to help a friend or family member.

  • Community Inspiration of the Year

This category is to recognise the often unsung, very local, grassroots community organisers.  Those individuals who are the first to bring people together in their local community to get things done. They may not necessarily volunteer for an organisation but they may be involved via their local tenants and residents group or they may organise annual community events or look after neighbours and friends.

In order to nominate a volunteer, you must complete one of our nomination forms.  There is a different form per category.  You can nominate as many individuals as you wish and can nominate in as many appropriate categories as you wish.

The DEADLINE for nominations is 12 noon on Thursday 31st March 2016.  Any nominations received after 12 noon on that date will not be considered.

  1. Requesting a Certificate of Recognition for a Group of Volunteers

If your organisation involves a large number of volunteers, it can be difficult to single out one or two to nominate for a specific award.  If you would like to recognise the efforts of all of your volunteers as a group, you will need to complete the Group Recognition Form.  Once completed, please email to awards@lancastercvs.org.uk.  At the event, a certificate of recognition will be presented for your group.  Ideally this will be accepted on behalf of your volunteers by one or two representatives of that group.

The names of your volunteers, IF REQUESTED, will also appear in a booklet that will be distributed at the event as part of the welcome pack.

  1. Requesting a Certificate of Recognition for Individual Volunteers

Similarly, you may wish to recognise the efforts of individual volunteers, but not want to nominate them for a specific award category.  If you would like one or more individual volunteers to receive a certificate of recognition, you will need to complete the Individual Volunteer Recognition Form.  Once completed, please email to awards@lancastercvs.org.uk.  At the event, a certificate of recognition will be presented to each volunteer for whom one has been requested.

Volunteer Awards 2015

Vol Awards 015

Individual Recognition

This year’s event was held on Thursday 11th June 2015, and for the first time we partnered with Lancaster City Council to host a joint Volunteer Achievement Awards and Lancaster Sports Awards.  The event was held at Salt Ayre Sports Centre in Lancaster. We had over 70 nominations representing over 700 local volunteers with  more than 50 voluntary sector groups  represented on the night. Presentations were made by our Deputy Mayor, Councillor Caroline Jackson.

Trustee of the Year was awarded to Sian Johnson from the Duke’s Theatre; Young Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Emma Pearson from Unique Kidz and Co; and Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Lee Wilson from Furniture Matters. See Award Photos for a copy of your organisation’s picture.

Volunteer of the Year Winner: Lee Wilson from Furniture Matters, with Julie Armer and Caroline Jackson.

Volunteer of the Year - Lee Wilson from Furniture Matters


Trustee of the Year Winner.  Unfortunately Sian Johnson could not attend, so her colleague Helen Bartosinski collected the award on her behalf.

Helen Bartosinski

Helen Bartosinski accepts on behalf of winner Sian Johnson


Young Volunteer of the Year Winner Emma Pearson, from Unique Kidz and Co, with Councillor Caroline Jackson.

Young Volunteer 2015

Emma Pearson from Unique Kidz and Co with Cllr Caroline Jackson



We would like to thank our event sponsors:

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Volunteer Awards 2013

This Years Award Ceremony held on Thursday 26th September 2013.

The Ashton Hall, Lancaster Town Hall, Lancaster, LA1 1PJ


Thank you for supporting our event.

Volunteer Awards 2012

Images from the 2012 Volunteer Awards Ceremony, held at the Ashton Hall.