What we can offer

We can publicise and promote your volunteer vacancies, handle all applications, and send appropriate individuals’ details to you once they have expressed an interest in a role with your organisation.

We offer advice on working with volunteers from our Volunteering Co-ordinator. We can also provide training for your volunteers and specialist training for volunteer managers/coordinators, including an Introduction to Managing Volunteers course; and Volunteers and the Law. We also run the Volunteer Co-ordinators’ Network for the district, which provides networking and skill-sharing opportunities.

As a member of Volunteering England, we can also access members-only information and factsheets such as:

  • Screening volunteers
  • Recruiting volunteers with criminal records
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Volunteers and stress
  • Monitoring and evaluating a volunteer programme
  • Health and Safety for volunteers
  • Insurance for Volunteers
  • Avoiding creating employment contracts

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